Players of Advertising Industry and Copyright Law

One can easily say that “Advertising Industry nowadays sits at the heart of Copyright Law”. The purpose of the creative activity is not the advertising material, but to create a work of art. It means appearance of a man’s creative work in various fields. That’s why we see a poem, a novel or a plastic art firstly as a work of art before anything else.


Commercials and Copyright Protection

There is no specific definition for commercials under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works ("Law"); whereas, there is a definition for “cinematographic works". For this reason, it is not correct to say that any commercial shall be automatically protected by copyright law.


Copyright Cases in the Advertising Industry

One of the ways for allocating human intelligence and creativity to the market economy is the advertising area. The area consists of four main group of players. The first group of players is the creative, principal players such as writers, poets, photograph artists, owners of musical works, graphic designers etc.,


Advertising Agreements and Copyright Law

Copyright Law primarily protects the “Author” of the work and regulates some important principles, some provisions which cannot be agreed otherwise and the rights that cannot be waived before they are born. Since signing an agreement without conforming to these principles or provisions makes the agreement or its relevant term...


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